Zorro's biker gang — masked motorcyclists on pilgrimage

A convoy of around 30,000 motorcyclists left Guatemala City on Saturday to celebrate 'Caravana del Zoro' (Zorro's Caravan in English). The group advanced in procession on their way to Basilica del Cristo Negro de Esquipulas, some 222 km (138 miles) from the capital. Many came dressed in costumes, masks, wigs and personalised helmets. The tradition started in 1961 when the founder Rubén... Еще Villadeleón, nicknamed 'El Zorro' after the vigilante, decided to pay a pilgrimage to Esquipulas. Since then, the idea grew and motorcycle clubs joined together for the event, now in its 59th edition. Riders from the US, Mexico and other Central American countries are known to take part.

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