Your 'living room,' in your car — Renault unveils revolutionary vehicle at Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

Renault revealed their new SYMBIOZ car to a stunned Frankfurt Motor Show, on Tuesday, the model will be an autonomous-driving vehicle with four seats that can face each other while in transit. By retracting the dashboard and pivoting the seats, test drivers became passengers during demonstration, while the car self-navigated itself using Renaults 'EASY DRIVE' technology. Harald Krueger, BMW... Еще CEO, explained how he envisioned his new design as not just a means of «escaping», but by having a living room experience while doing so. The finished Symbiozis design will be capable of reaching speeds of 100 km/h (62.1 mp/h) in just six seconds. It will also boast a 500 km (310.68 mile) range and an eco-friendly 500 kW fully electric engine.

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