You scared the crap outta us! Plane in emergency landing after 'party pooper' spends too long in toilet

Reporter (Russian): «What has happened?» Passenger (Russian): «They clamped my fingers, I cannot move them. They used plastic. My fingers are cold. Blood can't flow to my fingers.» Reporter (Russian): «But what has happened?» Passenger (Russian): «They tied my hands like this, you see? Blood isn't flowing to my palms, to my fingers, my fingers are cold, I cannot move them.» Reporter... Еще (Russian): «What did they tie you for?» Passenger (Russian): «Because I was in the bathroom for over 20 minutes.» Reporter (Russian): «What was the reason for you to sit there that long?» Passenger (Russian): «I pooped. I was wiping my bum.» Reporter (Russian): «And why with the bag?» Passenger (Russian): «I had extra underwear in my bag.» Reporter (Russian): «Why you didn't respond?» Crew member (Russian): «Where's your passport?» Passenger (English): «In the coat, in my place, over there. No, the problem is that the blood is not coming to fingers.» Crew member (English): «Your seat number?» Passenger (English): «I don't know. Ninety, I think.» Crew member (English): «Ninety?» Passenger (English): «Ninety!» Passenger (Russian): «Please, cut it, the blood is not coming to my fingers. My hands are numb, my fingers can't move. My passport is there. But the most important is that blood is not coming to my fingers. I can't move them. Please, cut this rope. Please, it's stopped the blood.» Reporter (Russian): «Why did you resist?» Passenger (Russian): «I was not resisting. He knocked when I was sitting on the toilet. And I knocked back to him from the inside. And then I went out after I had pooped and wiped my bum.» Reporter (Russian): «Can you tell your name and surname please?» Passenger (Russian): «Stas.» Reporter (Russian): «And surname?» Passenger (Russian): «No! This will be everywhere, that I pooped that long?» Reporter (Russian): «And what are you doing, in general?» Passenger (Russian): «Actually I am a professor at the university, seriously.» *UPSOUND**SINGLE SHOT AT SOURCE**VERTICAL ASPECT RATIO* An airplane en route from Moscow to Istanbul was forced to land in Odessa, Ukraine, on Tuesday, due to a suspicious package found in the cabin's bathroom… which turned out to be a passenger's underwear. It appears that the man on board, reportedly a Lithuanian professor, spent over 20 minutes in the plane's toilet without answering to the crew members when they knocked on the door. Unluckily for him, he left his bag of underwear inside the toilet. When the crew found the unattended bag they raised the alarm, tied up the unlucky man, and made a decision to land at the closest airport in Odessa. Answering the questions, Stas, who refused to tell his surname because he was afraid that the story of his long poop may go viral, claimed that he couldn't feel his fingers due to the cuffs he was placed in and that he didn't respond to the crew members because he was 'wiping his bum'. According to reports, he was interrogated by Ukraine's Security Services upon arrival.

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