Yes you can! Belgian goalkeeper Mignolet gifts jersey to dedicated fan

A Kyrgyz fan of Belgian goalkeeper Simon Mignolet recounted his meeting with the legendary footballer and how he felt getting his jersey from him, during an interview in Bishkek on Saturday. The story began when Arsen, who came to Kazan to watch Belgium face off with Brazil, suddenly came up with an idea to make a poster asking Mignolet to give him his jersey. Arsen wrote “Mignolet, can I have... Еще u’r T-shirt?” on the poster. The famous goalkeeper spotted it when leaving the field, and then tweeted searching for the fan who carried it. Arsen could hardly believe what came next. “I woke up to the shouts of my parents. Mom runs into the room and says — Arsen, look what happened. She shows me the phone, and there is a screenshot of the Mignolet’s twitter,” he said. “In 15 minutes, they started writing to me on Instagram, started ringing, like what happened, tell me, or, Mignolet is looking for you, respond,” Arsen continued. Mignolet invited Arsen to meet in the hotel where he was staying, and awarded Arsen with the desired jersey.

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