Yemen: Yemeni National Center for blood calls on worldwide community for support

Patients were seen being treated at the Yemeni National Center for blood transfusion in Sana'a on Monday where the facility has launched a worldwide call out for support as a result of dwindling blood supplies. Father of a daily blood patient Jamal Al-Masouri stated that the centre was «a lifeline» whilst also adding his support for a worldwide call-out. «We call upon all of you to support this... Еще bank for the benefit of the public and to serve patients suffering from anemia or cancer,» he said. Director of the centre Dr. Adnan Al-Hakimi also made the case for worldwide support. «the centre appealed to all humanitarian organisations, civil society organisations and businessmen to support the centre because it will stop due to the scarcity of fluids and blood,» he said.

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