Yemen: Thousands celebrate 26 September Revolution national holiday in Taizz

Thousands of people took to the streets of the Yemeni city of Taizz on Saturday, to celebrate the 58th anniversary of the 26 September Revolution, a national holiday commemorating the beginning of the 1962-1970 North Yemen Civil War which saw the country become a republic. People were seen waving Yemeni flags and holding banners on the street while they cheered on a marching procession that included Scouts, musicians and educational institutions. «We came here to celebrate this great party of the September 26th Revolution in its 58th anniversary, to prove that the people of Taizz reject injustices and refuse to back down to grievances,» said Taizz resident Omar al-Amer. The North Yemen Civil War was fought in North Yemen from 1962 and 1970, between supporters of the Yemen Arab Republic and backers of the Mutawakkilite Kingdom. The conflict was sparked by a coup executed by revolutionary republicans on September 26, 1962 to overthrow the last king of Yemen, Muhammad al-Badr. The royalist side was supported by powers including Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Israel, while the republicans received the support of Egypt and the Soviet Union.

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