Yemen: Students and academics protest arrival of foreign military forces

Students and academics took to the streets of Sanaa to protest against the arrival of foreign military in Yemen, Sunday, including a Saudi military brigade in the port city of Aden and US forces in the eastern province of Shabwa. Sanaa university scholar Amin Al-Gish spoke out against the arrival of foreign military, saying «the foreign presence is totally rejected, considering that this is an... Еще occupation and a violation of the sovereignty of the Republic of Yemen.» University student Mansur Tamish reiterated «Yemen is not for sale. We will not hand over Yemen, and we will not hand over the port of Yemen, and we will not hand over any inch in this country.» The Saudi-led war in Yemen started in 2015 as an attempt to crush Houthi rebels in the region and reinstall former president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi. The conflict has created a dire humanitarian situation in the country.

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