Yemen: Saudi-led blockade continues to exacerbate humanitarian crisis — UN

Children received treatment at the Al-Thawra Hospital in Hudaida, Friday, amid deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the face of the Saudi-led coalition blockade of the port-city. Three UN agencies have called on the coalition to lift its blockade of Yemen in full, in order to allow supplies into the country. According to a UN statement issued on Thursday millions of lives are at risk if the... Еще blockade remains in place. Speaking at the Al-Thawra Hospital in Hudaida, Head of the facility's Nutrition Center, Dr. Abdo Obaid, introduced a young patient who had arrived suffering from «severe malnutrition.» She was observed by specialists of the nutrition centre and «was given some of the necessary medication for nutrition, and now the situation has begun to improve,» the doctor stated. Displaced and homeless people are also to be seen on the city's streets, many with stories of grief and immense hardship. Mohamed Abdo, a displaced person, said «I have children with disabilities. I took them and ran away and came here to see who would support us.» The Saudi-led coalition has denied aid access to Houthi-held ports, like Hudaida, until the UN sets up a tighter system to control the flow of arms. The UN has reportedly dismissed the conditions.

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