Yemen: Saudi CLUSTER BOMBS dropped on Yemen revealed!

Yemeni journalist Hasan al-Buhaiiti showed the elements of cluster bombs used by the Saudis in Sanaa during an RT interview on Friday. According to the Yemeni journalist Hasan al-Buhaiiti, the actions of the rescuers were hindered by a military aircraft of the Saudi coalition, which carried out an alleged air strike led by Saudi Arabia in the capital of Yemen. «All the coordinates, all of the... Еще satellite images, all the logistics supplies are coming from the United States. The only thing the United States is carrying about is what type of missiles Yemen has,» the Yemen journalist stated. Al-Buhaiiti added that the United Sates exchanges «Saudi oil just for money to give these bombs to the Saudis so that they could drop them on civilians.» According to Yemeni officials, at least six people, including two children, were killed in a suspected Saudi-led airstrike on May 10 in the Hamdan district of Sanaa province. The Saudi-led bombing campaign continues in Yemen with US backing, with casualty figures exceeding 16,200 people since the beginning of the conflict in March, 2015. A reported 40,000 have been injured and more than two million people have been displaced. The war devastating Yemen is now in its fourth year, with human rights organisations repeatedly accusing the Saudi-led coalition of targeting civilian areas.

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