Yemen: Protests continue in Taiz as humanitarian crisis worsens

Protesters took to the streets of Taiz once again against the Saudi-led coalition, who they blame for the worsening economic situation in Yemen on Saturday. Several protesters also condemned the Yemeni government, calling it «corrupt» and «illegitimate». Some marched holding placards reading «I'm Hungry» and «Save Yemen.» Rising food and basic commodity prices have followed the collapse of the... Еще national currency. The riyal has lost more than half its value against the US dollar. «Prices have increased exponentially, the currency is deteriorating in a mad way. We have a corrupt, illegitimate government, and the coalition is greedy, seeking its interests,» one protester said. On Friday, the UN office in Yemen said that the collapse of the currency would exacerbate an already dire situation in the country, and force a further 3.5 to 4 million people into food insecurity. Approximately 75% of Yemen's population already require some kind of humanitarian assistance.

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