Yemen: Protesters decry 'horrendous crimes' against children by Saudi coalition

Scores of demonstrators staged a protest outside the United Nations' office in Sanaa, Sunday, decrying the stance of international organisation towards the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Yemen as the Saudi-led coalition blockade continues. As they protested under the slogan of «The global movement against the terrorism of the Saudi regime,» women clad in black carried props of children... Еще corpses, while a group of young demonstrators held signs showing pictures portraying the effects of the country's current humanitarian crisis. Women for Peace Initiative spokesperson Noura Al Jarwi commented saying, «The Saudi coalition is committing horrendous crimes and war crimes against children, in particular the Yemeni people.» Up to one million children are at risk of contracting diphtheria following an outbreak of the disease in Yemen, according to the UN. On November 5, the Saudi-led coalition announced it would block all land, air and sea access into Yemen after a ballistic missile fired from Yemen was intercepted over Saudi territory. The rocket was fired at the international airport near the Saudi capital Riyadh. The Saudi-led coalition has denied aid access to Houthi-held ports, like Hudaida, until the UN sets up a tighter system to control any flow of arms into the country. The UN has reportedly dismissed the condition.

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