Yemen: One million children at risk following diphtheria outbreak — UN

Up to one million children are at risk of contracting diphtheria following an outbreak of the disease in Yemen, according to the UN. The country now has more than 120 diagnosed cases and 14 deaths in the past week. Dozens of children and babies were seen receiving treatment for a range of conditions at Hudaida's Al Thawra Hospital, Saturday, amid deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the... Еще face of the Saudi-led coalition blockade, which the UN says is exacerbating the general health crisis. The Saudi-led coalition has denied aid access to Houthi-held ports, like Hudaida, until the UN sets up a tighter system to control the flow of arms. The UN has reportedly dismissed the conditions. The UN wrote in a statement: «The blocking of essential medicine and vaccines and the lack of fuel arriving in Al Hudaydah port will impact millions of people that are already suffering from a lack of health services and multiple preventable diseases.»

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