Yemen: Hundreds protest against Saudi-led airstrikes morning after deadly bombing

Hundreds of protesters gathered at the site of the deadly airstrike in the residential area of Fag Atan, in southern Sanaa, Saturday, the morning after the airstrike that claimed lives of at least 14 civilians, including reportedly six children. The protest, which saw many human rights activists, called on the United Nations to investigate crimes against civilians. Children were seen among... Еще protesters as some of them held signs reading «Stop killing children.» Attorney General Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Baghdadi, who attended the rally, spoke up, «These crimes are unprecedented in the history of Yemen, when you see the remains of children.» «We consider that aggression as a crime, a crime against humanity, and a war crime committed against the Yemeni people. I am surprised to find that the United Nations and Human Rights Watch or other international speaking about various crimes while the people of Yemen are suffering from crimes and massacres from the first day of aggression until today,» said Chairman of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee Mohammed Ali al-Houthi. Emergency services are still searching for victims amongst the rubble following Friday's deadly bombing.

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