Yemen: Houthis rally against «treachery» after Saleh’s death

Thousands of Houthi supporters took to the streets of Sanaa on Tuesday in a march denouncing «treachery» a day after the killing of their former ally ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh. The capital was paralysed as demonstrators waved Yemeni flags in a show of solidarity with the Houthi government. Houthi leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi had earlier called Yemenis onto the streets to, «prove that our... Еще entire nation stands by the [Houthi] state in preserving security and stability and rejecting all treachery.» One demonstrator Ahmed Fayed believed it was a triumph for the rebels in their ongoing civil war against the Saudi-led coalition forces: «We came out today thanking God and thanking him for his grace which we have to win the victory of our great Yemeni people. That victory, frees us of the General People's Congress [Saleh’s party].» Saleh was killed in a roadside attack while trying to flee Sanaa. He led Yemen for 33 years until an uprising forced him from power in 2011. He returned alongside Houthi rebels, who recently accused him of betrayal after he offered to open negotiations with the Saudi coalition.

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