Yemen: Heart wrenching pain as orphaned 6 y/o miraculously survives Saudi-led airstrike

A six-year-old girl who was the sole survivor of her family after a Saudi-led airstrike near the Yemeni capital remains bed-ridden in al-Motawakkal Hospital in Sanaa, footage released Monday shows. Three days after the airstrike, badly injured Bothaina Mohamed Mansour al-Rimi is playing with a doll in hospital, despite significant facial bruising. Mansour was pulled from the rubble of her... Еще apartment block, which collapsed after Saudi-led airstrikes struck a vacant building nearby. At least 14 civilians were killed, including Mansour’s mother, father and all of her siblings. However, her doctor, Aref Dabaan, said Mansour’s condition is stable despite several fractures in her face and head. «MRI indicated multiple fractures in the left cheek, as well as as breaks close to the eye socket and across her forehead, this is in addition to general bruises in the head. The child doesn’t need any surgical intervention, she has been prescribed the needed medications, and now, her condition is stable», Dabaan said.

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