Yemen: Healthworkers decry medicine shortage during cholera outbreak

Healthworkers in Sana'a's Al-Sabeen Maternity and Child Hospital lamented a lack of medical supplies, on Friday, during the ongoing cholera outbreak that is ravaging Yemen. A pharmacist, Dr. Nada Al-Numeiri said, «There is a shortage in the provision of medicines because of the siege imposed on Yemen, because of the increase in the number of patients with cholera here is causing a huge shortage... Еще of medicine.» A spokesperson for the International Red Cross in Yemen Adnan Hezam explained the damage that the outbreak had done to the operations of public sector services in Yemen. He said, «With suspected cases of cholera reaching about 1 million, it is a very serious indicator and confirms the warning of the International Committee of the Red Cross of the tragic humanitarian situation in Yemen. This disastrous situation has affected all vital sectors, including the health sector.»

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