Yemen: Floods strike Sanaa slums after night of heavy rain

Residents of slums in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa were hit by floods, which destroyed many of their homes, after a night of heavy rain in the area.
 The streets appeared flooded with water on Friday, which entered people’s home and trickled in through their dilapidated roofs. Some residents appeared to be trying to repair the damage.
 «We suffer from the rain and floods that hit us, because they destroyed our homes and camps. Roofs of houses fell on the heads of their owners, causing families to become homeless in their search of a place to sleep,» said local official Mujahid Azzam.

 Azzam appealed to the Sanaa government «to draw attention to our situation,» and also appealed to international organisations to «provide the necessary support» as «people need housing and a decent life like the rest of society,» he added.
 One of the area's residents, Muhammad Al-Jundubi, described the situation of the houses after being hit by the flood, saying: “As you see, our tents are dripping water due to rain, and there are no new roofs nor anything else. Water floods into our homes each time it rains. Had we the money, we could've bought roofs that protect us from rain, cold and sun, but we do not have that.»
 «Because of the rain, whole houses were sunk, as were all the rooms, and we no longer know how to handle the matter, so we put pots under the roofs to collect the water, while we sleep on the ground,” Al-Jundubi added.

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