Yemen: Demonstrators burn tyres at Aden water shortage protest

​Protesters set fire to tyres as they gathered outside the headquarters of the local water supplier in Aden on Wednesday, as the port city grapples with water shortages. «We went out for the third day in a row in vigils to demand water service, which has been troubling us for five years,» a protester complained. «We sacrificed five martyrs because of the electricity that explodes constantly.» The demonstrators also blocked all roads leading to the building as they demanded a quick return of water supplies to the area. «We are tired, families don't have any water,» another protester said. «We have four water projects hanging with the Minister of Finance, because he and the prime minister are corrupt.» Yemen suffers from severe water scarcity, with a falling water table reducing the availability of groundwater, while the conflict in the country has also resulted in damage to critical supply infrastructure.

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