Yemen: Army spokesperson confirms intercepted Riyadh missile launched by Yemen *EXCLUSIVE*

A spokesperson for the Ansar Allah-allied Yemeni Armed Forces confirmed that a ballistic missile aimed at the King Khalid international airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was launched by the army, Saturday. The missile was reportedly intercepted by Saudi authorities and did not cause any major damage, although a large explosion was heard forcing the airport to be evacuated. «Our Yemeni forces... Еще succeeded in launching a missile, a Borkan H2 long distance missile, at the King Khalid international airport in north eastern Riyadh which was in response to the massacres committed by the US-Saudi coalition in Yemen. This comes in order to even out power between the coalition and Yemen, who have been attempting to fight more than one country in the past three years,» explained the Houthi spokesperson, Colonel Aziz Rashed, who was speaking from Sana'a. Saudi authorities have intercepted several missiles on previous occasions according to officials, however, this is reportedly the closest a warhead has come to striking a target.

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