Yemen: Academic year off to a bumpy start as teacher strikes ensue

Thousands of Yemeni students attended their first day of school in Sanaa, Sunday, after a two-week delay due to ongoing strikes by unpaid teachers. Ijlal Thalia, a student, pointed out that the students «are not afraid» of the ongoing conflicts in Yemen and «will not stay home.» «We came here today to prove to them that we are not afraid,» Thalia said. Another student, Nour Abolohom, called... Еще upon Arab teachers to show solidarity with the unpaid teachers of Yemen, hoping that her message «reaches all those who still have humanity in their hearts.» Bushra Nasser, a teacher, commented on the situation saying that she came today to do her duty, adding that «we come to teach and demand salaries». Fahmi Naji, another Yemeni teacher explained that «we enter the classrooms depressed. How are we expected to give our students (teach) when nothing is given to us? We call upon the officials to recognize the teacher and give him his rights; in order for him to give (teach) in class.» According to UNICEF Education, the teacher strike affected 12,240 of functioning schools in Yemen amounting to 77% of all schools.

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