Yemen: 'A 100% Yemeni Revolution' — Houthis celebrate third takeover anniversary in Sanaa

Thousands of Houthi supporters gathered in Sanaa, Thursday, to celebrate the third anniversary of the take-over of Sanaa from government forces. Holding banners with slogans such as «the 31 September Revolution is 100% Yemeni,» protesters chanted and waved Yemeni flags. Director of the Office of Mr. Abdul Malik Al Houthi said that «We have seen what has been achieved for the people through... Еще cohesion and strength in the face of the enemies ,through presence, fortitude and resistance to aggression, which is now approaching three years.» «Now we have a missile force that can reach the countries of aggression,» he followed. Yemen continues to be in the midst of a long civil war, as the Saudi-led coalition fights on behalf of the internationally recognised government against the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.

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