Yemen: 12-year-old and two-time cholera victim Hameed allowed back home

Two-time cholera victim Hameed was seen at his home in Sana’a alongside family members on Tuesday, after two prolonged periods of hospitalisation. The 12-year-old was taken to Thula hospital, just north of Sana’a, at the end of Ramadan when first diagnosed with the infection, where he spent three nights. He was admitted from the hospital only to be re-diagnosed less than a month later. None... Еще of Hameed’s five other siblings were afflicted by the diarrheal disease, something his father, Faraj Abdulla, attributes to his son's immune system being compromised by a previous incident. In 2014, Hameed was electrocuted by a high-voltage cable that had fallen away from a transmission tower. Armed clashes in Amran governorate were identified as the cause and Hameed has been in and out of hospital ever since. A weakened immune system is believed to make the 12-year-old more susceptible to infectious diseases. A Saudi-led intervention in Yemen was launched in 2015, causing a humanitarian disaster in the country. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has referred to the situation as «the worst cholera outbreak in the world.»

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