World's OLDEST woman celebrates her 129th birthday

The world’s oldest woman will celebrate her 129th birthday on Friday (June 1) and shared her wisdom for younger generations in an interview in the Russian Republic of Chechnya on Saturday. Koku Istambulova believes it is a misfortune she is still alive as she had buried all of her friends, relatives — even her own children. Her last surviving daughter Tamara died five years ago at 104... Еще. «In my youth, I was busy all the time doing the housework and working on the land,» Istambulova recalled adding that she did not have time for fun and didn't even go to school. She was a contemporary of the deep upheavals of the Russian story, having lived through the Russian Revolution, both World Wars, the collapse of the USSR and many other events. «Notwithstanding there was a wartime, people were compassionate and generous,» Istambulova said adding with regret that the modern generations became more unsympathetic. Answering how she managed to live for so long, she suggested that mostly the consumption of dairy products and «little meat» could be the reason. «I would like to wish young people to live a happy, beautiful and long life, to enjoy life and accept everything it gives with joy,» concluded Koku Istambulova.

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