World's 'most powerful’ hybrid car presented at Top Marques in Monaco

The new hybrid Corbellati Missile, rumoured to be the world’s most powerful hybrid car, was showcased at the Top Marques in Monaco on Friday. The car has a 1,800 horsepower and the ability to reach speeds of 500 km/h (310mph). According to cofounder of Corbelatti Missile Demetrio Corbellati, «This is the most powerful hybrid car of this exhibition.» «It is the most powerful hybrid car in... Еще the world with exactly the remark that is only an electric car», he added. The 15th Anniversary Edition of Top Marques Monaco is taking place from April 19 to 22. It hosts the world premiere cars of limited editions, technologically supreme vehicles, including most exclusive and prestigious luxury products as well as rare classic cars and ecological vehicles.

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