Woolly pricey! Mammoth hair hat goes on sale for $10k in Russia’s Far East

SOT, reporter (Russian): “Did you wear it?” SOT Vladimir Ammosov, owner of the hat (Russian): “No.” SOT, reporter (Russian): “So, it does not scare you? You are ready to wear a hat made of a mammoth’s hair, aren’t you?” SOT, resident of Yakutia (Russian): “Basically, hats made of a horse’s hair are traditional Yakutia. In general, it feels like the same.” Yakut resident and local wheeler... Еще-dealer Vladimir Ammosov has put a woolly hat made from mammoth hair up for sale for $10,000 (8,800 euros), as shown in footage filmed on Thursday. “The hair is from the Ust-Yansky District, the Kazachy village. My friend went there. As he came back he showed me the hair in a bag. He said it was mammoth's hair and suggested we make a hat out of it,” explained Ammosov. There is apparently no hat like it in the world and Ammosov even has a certificate to prove the authenticity of the mammoth hair. Mammoths roamed the territory of modern Siberia tens of thousands of years ago. Their carcasses, preserved in permafrost since the Ice Age, are discovered from time to time by locals and scientists. Ammosov took the hair to a professional hat maker who knitted a traditional Yakutian round hat out of it, which are normally made out of horse hair. However, anyone looking to get their hands on the headpiece may want to think again and save their cash, as mammoth hair is not exactly known for its softness. One woman who tried the hat on described it as “prickly.” Mandatory courtesy to Yakutia 24

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