Woman breaks into dance to protests child marriage

21-year-old Kyrgyz Instagrammer Saykal Jumalieva explained her intentions behind a recent viral protest video she made, speaking in Bishkek, on Wednesday, July 26. On Wednesday, July 5, in Bishkek, Jumalieva dressed as a rural bride and danced to the BeeGees classic hit “Stayin’ Alive”, in a protest against the practice of girls being prematurely married off. She intended for the video to... Еще speak out against how, particularly in rural areas of the Central Asian country, it is expected of underage girls to enter into marriage, sometimes against their will. Young Kyrgyz girls are also at risk of bride kidnapping. Jumalieva explained, «I don’t think one video is enough to make people demonstrate on the streets, but at least I wanted for people to see the video, to read the message and I wrote and to change something in their worldview.» Her dance proved effective in spreading the message, as it went viral, with over 84,000 views on Instagram and many shares across other social media platforms. Yet Jumalieva said the video had divided opinions on the topic, «There were some girls who were saying that we don’t have such problem in our country, that for a long time we have been living in civilized world and that out girls are independent.» But she went on to maintain, «The majority is for the girls to get married at any age they want.»

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