Wild boars ruining your crops? Time to call in «Super Monster Wolf», the demonic sun-run security bot

What has thick fur, runs on solar power, and screeches at wild boars in 48 different tones? Give up? It's 'Super Monster Wolf', Japan's latest mechanical answer to keeping unwanted visitors from ruining crops. Spotted striking fear into the eyes of feral hogs in and around the Japanese port city of Kisarazu, southwest Chiba Prefecture on Thursday, the 'Super Monster Wolf' robot gave a... Еще tantalising demonstration of its powers. The pest-scaring robot has been deployed on a trial basis by the agricultural cooperative association JA Kisarazu-shi, borrowed from the electric power company Hokkaido. Association head Chikao Umezawa said that since using the robot, starting on July 11, «no wild boars have shown up» in the fields. The Super Monster Wolf works with «the highest artificial intelligence function» and has the role of both «preventing the damage to field crops from wild boars, and also to prevent them from harming the residents in the town.» The robot measures 65-centimetres long (inches) and 50-centimetres high (inches), making it close to the size of an adult wolf. A fanged face with red LED eyes rotates every time the bot senses wild animals in the area.
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