Where does the Birmingham Mbappe think the real Kylian will end up this summer?

Kylian Mbappe might just be the hottest property in world football right now but it isn't just the Frenchman who's taking advantage of the limelight. Meet Ty, a 28-year-old social worker from Birmingham who took Star City GOALS by storm on Saturday. His striking resemblance to the World-Cup-winning star means he's stopped on the street daily despite, by his own admission, not having anywhere near... Еще the same skills on the pitch. «Growing up, I was never, never that good at football so the irony of looking like I'm one of the world's greatest footballers is something funny,» he explained. 'Kylian' also revealed he fancies taking Liverpool on this summer and making 'Mbappe2020' a reality but there's always a special place in his heart for Real Madrid. Fame does also come with some perks, Ty explained, saying the attention is more than welcome. «People have stopped me and asked them to sign their footballs. Once somebody asked me to sign their bicycle. I said I haven't got a pen but next time I see you, I'll sign your bicycle if you want!» he said. «If I can make somebody's day just by looking like somebody then I don't mind, man. I love it.» The real Mbappe will be hoping to fire France to Euro 2020 glory this summer while also keeping a keen eye on developments in the Spanish capital and on Merseyside.

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