What a rubbish house! Belarusian builds home out of TRASH

Oleg Prakorina designed and built his three-story country house in the Minsk region entirely from rubbish, in footage captured Wednesday. The process took him around 20 years to complete. Oleg, who began construction of the building in the late 1990s, said he came up with the idea while visiting Radziwill Palace in the village of Polonechka. According to Oleg, he obtained the building... Еще materials for free. Farmers brought him stones from their fields and people threw building materials over his fence. He also received materials from local scavengers. «I thought that it was necessary to spend the minimum effort and get the maximum result because there are many things that people devalue and just throw out or simply do not need,» the Belarusian explained. Oleg also exhibits some of his art in the house, which is open to the public to view for a fee. His art work includes statues of animals, portraits and furniture.

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