Whack the bug away! Coronavirus-shaped PINATAS sold in Dallas

A party-supply shop in Dallas has introduced a series of coronavirus-shaped pinatas, as shown in footage from Saturday. Footage shows coronavirus-shaped pinatas topped with square academic caps on display at the ABC Party HQ shop in the Latino-heavy neighbourhood of Oak Cliff. «The frustration that the kids and the adults are feeling right now is overwhelming, and I think that just taking a... Еще pinata stick or a bat and going at it will release some of that stress, and that's the way we're going to beat up the coronavirus,» said shop owner Carlos de la Fuente. «We are very enthusiastic today, after they gave us the green light on May 1. Hopefully our customers and our community will keep supporting us,» De la Fuente added. According to Johns Hopkins University Dallas has 3,718 cases of COVID-19 and 106 deaths, while the State of Texas has 28,087 cases and 782 deaths.

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