«We hope for a miracle» — Stepson of missing miner awaits his return

Yulian Efimov, the 20-year-old stepson of Vitaly Kulikov — one of the missing miners from the flooded underground Mir diamond mine — recounted what his family was told by officials on the dynamics of the incident, speaking in Mirni, in the Republic of Sakha, during the night into Sunday. The young man said that «there is no information at the moment,» and added that the only thing officials know... Еще is that Vitaly Kulikov «is at the 295th point,» as «there was some sort of a signal sent from that point. To all appearance, it was Vitalya.» Efimov said he was told that «there is a water and clay mixture filling the mine and rescuers can’t get through it,” and that he doesn't know whether his stepfather and his peers «are in such a cold water waiting to be rescued.” “We were also told to believe and not to lose hope that the miners will be rescued and everything will be alright,» he continued. He then added: «We hope for a miracle that the miners will rescue themselves and get to the point where they can send a signal with their exact location.” At the moment eight miners are still missing. Search and rescue operations are ongoing.

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