Watch touching rescue of three PUPPIES from stifling sludge

Three puppies were miraculously rescued from a pit of tar mud by local workers in the Siberian city of Noyabrsk last July. A forth puppy reportedly died before help arrived for the three survivors. Upon their difficult rescue, the puppies received immediate help from local animal activists as well as to veterinarians, who spent several days cleaning the puppies off. Locals believe the dogs... Еще couldn't have gone to the tar pit by themselves due to the strong toxic smell it exudes, albeit no one is sure who could be behind the incident. Volunteer for the 'Right for Life' organisation Tatiana Roslikova said that they puppies «can't stay on the streets after all the things they survived.» Now that the hard times are over, the three puppies happily reside in a local animal activist's residence, who adopted one of them, while the two others are still waiting for someone to give them the love they need.
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