Watch how science helps bring your orgasms to the next level!

The Lioness Smart Vibrator showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in Las Vegas on Wednesday, proves how smart approach to women's pleasure can lead to better experiences and brighter orgasms. «What you are seeing now is the pelvic floor muscles, which is your vaginal walls, squeezing and relaxing on the vibrator and that's the best indicator for arousal and orgasms, so what we... Еще release for 2020 at CES is now we have AI where it's going to automatically detect where you were the most aroused, and more importantly, where your orgasm was,» said Anna Lee, co-founder of Lioness. When you pair it with you phone, the device will track the quality of your orgasms in different periods of time, finding out which factors affect them the most, such as menstrual cycle, mood or consumed products.

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