Watch hootin' Putin rootin' for the «international language» of jazz

It wasn't quite Bill Clinton's sultry saxophone solo, but Russian President Vladimir Putin was beaming with pride as he spoke at the 15th Koktebel Jazz Party in Koktebel, Crimea on Sunday evening. Surprising the audience, Putin stepped out on stage and waxed lyrical about the power of music and the importance of the festival. «Already 15 years — since 2003, there is such a wonderful festival... Еще. In general, 150 leading teams of the world have visited it, and this year, ten remarkable teams, ten musical jazz collectives, our friends have arrived. Music is such language, this is Esperanto, an international language that does not require translation, it unites people,» Putin said. The President has a track record when it comes to music, having played a piano solo and sung 'Blueberry Hill' at a charity fundraiser back in 2010.
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