Watch 82 y-o 'Gamer Granny' slay on PlayStation!

Isabel Martinotti, a resident of Buenos Aires, became an overnight sensation and attracted a loyal fan base when her grandson German Gil started posting videos of her joyfully on her PlayStation while playing well-known titles such as 'Final Fantasy XV' and 'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt', footage from Monday showed. «Granny can I take a turn at the PlayStation?» the 27-year-old Gil would ask the 82... Еще-year-old Martinotti, «No,» she would say, «I am doing a mission now and I don't want to get killed because of you.» «I started buying him magazines that came with little discs [games], and once there was Final Fantasy [XV],» Martinotti said, recalling how she had broken into the gaming scene. German had ended up not liking the game and Martinotti had. «I started to play at seven in the evening, and when I looked at the clock, it was already five in the morning,» said Martinotti who found it hard to hand over the controller to her grandson, going so far as to argue since she had paid for the console, she should be the one playing it as well. «We started with football and wrestling games, because I played alone and wanted to play with somebody else, so she joined me,» Gil recalled. «Then she wouldn't let me play, and she would play alone,» he added laughing. Despite their fight over the controller, Gil has contributed to his granny's fame and fandom posting her photos and videos, attracting as many as 9,000 YouTube followers and garnering as many as 38,000 views on some of her more recent videos.

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