'Wanted to see Uncle Putin!' — Russian boy heartbroken over presidential election

SOT, Dima, crying toddler (Russian): «Wanted [to see] uncle Putin.» SOT, Ekaterina, Dima’s mother (Russian): «Wanted to see uncle Putin?» SOT, Dima, crying toddler (Russian): «Yes.» SOT, Ekaterina, Dima’s mother (Russian): «Dima, my dear, please do not take it hard. You are just too small, you will grow up and see him. Did you want to today?» SOT, Dima, crying toddler (Russian): «Yes... Еще.» SOT, Ekaterina, Dima’s mother (Russian): «Deal?» Three-year-old Dima cried his heart out while being driven home after his parents voted in the Russian presidential election in Novosibirsk, Sunday. The boy was highly disappointed to not have had the chance to meet one of the candidates, incumbent President Vladimir Putin. «Wanted to see Uncle Putin,» Dima cried as his mother Ekaterina promised he would get another chance to see the current Russian leader in the future. The first round of the 2018 Russian presidential election is contested by a total of eight candidates on March 18. Should no candidate secure an absolute majority, a second round will take place three weeks later scheduled for April 8. Almost 111 million voters are registered to cast their votes for one of eight candidates, including the incumbent president.

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