Volunteers put on mass flashlight show for sick kids in Michigan hospital

People from across the city of Royal Oak, Michigan, gathered outside Beaumont Hospital on Tuesday evening, to shine flashlights from outside up to paediatric patients to remind them they aren't alone during the holiday season. The initiative called the 'Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams' has already become a tradition in the community when dozens of volunteers, including firefighters and police officers... Еще, come out each night to shine lights up to the kids in the hospital who can't be home for the holidays. «A paediatric advisory council really wanted to come up with something that would make people feel less alone and less isolated during the holiday season,» Beaumont Children's child life supervisor Kathleen Grobbel said. Her colleague, a nurse from the oncology follow-up clinic Lisa Muma continued: «So this means so much to them that people come out every night, hundreds of people come out every night and shine their lights for them just to let them know they are not alone.» The hospital will be illuminated at 20:00 local time (01:00 GMT) every night through Christmas.

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