Volunteers conclude year-long 'lunar lab' experiment to grow food in SPACE

Volunteers left a reserved cabin simulating a space lab, completing the third stage of the mission aimed to test human abilities to grow food and live in space, in Beijing on Tuesday. The third stage of a 370-day long test lasted for 110 days with four volunteers from Beihang University living on around 150 sq. meters with no access to the outer world. Their human waste was transformed with the... Еще help of bio-fermentation to allow them to grow experimental crops and vegetables. After getting out, one of the volunteers, Hu Jingfei said that they have to wear masks as the conditions in the lab were sterile, «we are sensitive now and we need to wear masks and gloves. So many microbes outside, we're afraid we would fall ill after coming out.» The scientists are now to study the results of the experiment, as well as the psychological state of its participants.

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