Volgograd's secret weapon against fly swarms — VANILLA repellent

Environmentalists and the city authorities in Volgograd have been working hard to protect football supporters from flying insects currently plaguing the 2018 FIFA World Cup host city. On Monday, water trucks, filled with a special mixture of water and vanilla were driving around the stadium and FIFA Fan Fest zone, spraying repellent on roads. At night, environmentalists are also spraying the... Еще city's green areas. They maintain that these methods are completely safe for people and animals, allaying the fears of locals who frequent the parks before and after games. Volgograd's midges became famous for harassing fans and players during England and Tunisia's World Cup game last Monday. Vladimir Shikunv, Head of the Department of the Committee for Natural Resources, Forestry and Ecology of the Volgograd Region, stated that June is a traditional month for the peak of midges' activities. According to him, the population of the annoying tiny insects is ten times less than in previous years. This is largely due to local authorities spending 60 million roubles ($955,180) on measures designed to combat insects, even using spraying-planes to eliminates the pesky insects. Yet the midges — known as 'moshkara' in Russian — have returned with a vengeance.

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