Virtually shop until you virtually drop! VR headsets replicate Korean malls

Visitors at the Korea Sale Festa in Seoul, South Korea, were given the chance to go shopping, but using virtual reality headgear, Thursday. Major retailers such as LG, E-Mart and Hyundai took part, allowing consumers to snap up some discount goods in a virtual shopping mall. Some of Korea's biggest market places such as Dongdaemun and Jagalchi Market have expressed an interest in embedding their... Еще services in virtual reality. «It is quite interesting. It really feels like I'm shopping at the department shop. If the VR shopping mall is getting more popular and practical in real life, people will use it often in the future,» said one woman who tried it out. Skonec Entertainment's VR business director said that once VR hits the mainstream, the scope of the project is huge, with a potential for tailor-made malls based on consumers' data. The South Korean government has reportedly invested around $399,000 (€339,098) into the project.

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