Violence proof of state losing control — Former Catalan President

SOT, Journalist (Catalan): «How did you feel while voting?» SOT, Artur Mas, Former President of the Generalitat of Catalonia (Catalan): «I felt immensely happy, immensely happy.» Former President of the Generalitat of Catalonia Artur Mas stated that the measures taken by security forces to halt the Catalan independence referendum are the «proof that the Spanish state has completely lost... Еще control,» when speaking to the press in Barcelona, Sunday. Mas described the way the police treated the voters outside the numerous polling stations spread throughout the region as «pathetic», «dramatic» and «unacceptable.» «A democratic state in the 21st century cannot allow the police to act in a violent way when people here are simply willing to take a ballot and vote and decide the future of a country,» he concluded. Prompted by a journalist, who asked Mas how he felt as he cast his vote, the former Catalan leader said he «felt immensely happy.» Independence supporters have braced themselves for a tense day, following a crackdown by Spanish authorities on polling stations, arrests of Catalan officials and the suspension of the vote by Spain's Constitutional Court over the last weeks. More than 5 million Catalans are expected to cast their votes in 2,315 polling stations across the region.

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