Vietnam: Company launches biodegradable COFFEE-based COVID-19 mask

A company that makes shoes out of coffee yarn has found an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sustainable way of creating biodegradable masks the same way. AirX founder Thanh Le who created the product shared the story from the company's headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City on Wednesday. «Last year, in Saigon, Vietnam, the air pollution is kinda high, very very high. So, I saw people wearing... Еще medical masks every day, just like one-time use, and it polluted the environment, so I was thinking about how to apply the ‘coffee shoes’ technology into masks,” recounted Thanh. The mask's coffee-based filter is antibacterial and reusable for up to a month and aims to tackle the problem of medical waste, which has been further worsened by the massive use of disposable face masks throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. “The main benefit is to combat the ‘Covid19’, however, I think with the ‘coffee mask’, it’s not only for protection,» said Thanh. Thanh Le insists that the product has been receiving a wonderful reception since its release last Wednesday. “All of our customers around the world, like US, Europe, Japan and the Middle East; they gave us a ‘wow’!, stated Mr. Le. The product is currently listed at 445,000 Vietnamese Dong (€17.51) for a pack of five washable masks. “The filter itself costs about $2 (€1.84), so for $2 (€1.84) you can use for the next 30 days, and it’s biodegradable,” explained Mr. Le.

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