'Very healthy' — Farmer unveils Novichok-inspired cooking oil

Russian farmer Alexei Yakushev unveiled a product which appears to monetise the aftermath of the allegations of using the nerve agent 'Novichok' in poisoning former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal, as footage filmed in the village of Dimitrovgrad in Ulyanovsk Region on Saturday shows. Yakushev's 'Novichok' is not a nerve agent, but a sunflower cooking oil, and it is toxin free. The cooking... Еще oil comes in a tall brown bottle with a label reading «Novichok» and «Recommended by the KGB» and adorned by the emblem of Soviet Union's Committee for State Security (KGB). The entrepreneur said that he had closely followed the news on UK-Russia relations following the Salisbury incident and decided to take the edge off it. Despite drawing inspiration from the toxic nerve agent, Yakushev claims that his cooking oil is ecologically clean and «very healthy.» He said, «I really do not like it when someone smears my country. They themselves do not believe that we have this 'Novichok' and that we poisoned someone. To reduce everything to absurdity, I have come up with this [cooking] oil. Now they can say, «We have found this 'Novichok', and they can even taste it. Most importantly, it will be for good for them. My oil is very healthy.»

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