Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez discusses 'Operation Gideon' with Correa

Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa discussed 'Operation Gideon', the attempted maritime incursion into Venezuela with Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez in the latest episode of his show 'Conversando con Correa' (Talking with Correa). Delcy Rodríguez is one of the strongest voices of protest against the «radical and absolute» threat the United States represents against Venezuela in... Еще her opinion. During the interview she referred to the plot of 'Operation Gideon', with the alleged participation of Juan Guaido, and to the support the international community offered the opposition representative after his self-proclamation as interim president of the country. The Venezuelan official also discussed the contract signed by Juan Guaido's political strategist and advisor, Juan Jose Rendon, with US security company Silvercorp USA, in which, according to Rodriguez, «it is established that President Nicolas Maduro will be captured, and the whole government overthrown» while «giving freedom to massacre the people in the event of protests.» Regarding the participation of Juan Guaido in the plot, the Venezuelan Vice President stated that «there is sufficient evidence that confirms he signed off on the assassination, on committing a massacre against the Venezuelan people, and also to continue taking over all of Venezuela's financial resources.» For Rodriguez, this action «cannot be disassociated» from the US government, since «they were acting by direct order of Donald Trump,» and also emphasised that «this whole process to overthrow the constitutional government of Venezuela took place throughout the year 2019.» During the conversation, the issue of coronavirus is also discussed, in which Correa highlighted that «Venezuela is doing very well» by achieving «one of the lowest mortality rates per million inhabitants» and avoiding an exponential growth curve like other neighbouring countries. Mandatory credit: RT.

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