Venezuela: «Who chose you?» — Maduro asks Guaidó

Thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets of Caracas on Thursday, participating in the so-called 'Great Anti-Imperialist March' which marks the end of Marcos Pérez Jiménez's dictatorship in 1958. Footage shows thousands of demonstrators with flags and posters advancing through the streets of the Venezuelan capital towards Miraflores Palace, where President Nicolas Maduro addressed the... Еще demonstrators. Maduro harshly criticized opposition leader Juan Guaidó, saying that his self-proclamation as president «is the greatest clowning around that has ever been done in politics, in Venezuela or in the world. To pretend to self-proclaim a president, who the hell elected you, you clown, you fool,» he said, adding that «here are the people, and only the people choose.» Maduro also referred to the state of bilateral relations with the United States, saying that «Nicolás Maduro Moro and the Bolivarian people, we are ready to [partake in] dialogue with respect, with high standards, with the United States of America, to seek relations of equality, cooperation, and mutual benefit. The whole world must know this.»
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