Venezuela: Those who support 'financial blockade' are 'traitors' — Delcy Rodríguez

Those who have been supporting the sanctions against Venezuela are «traitor», stated Delcy Rodríguez, the President of the Constitutional Assembly of Venezuela, in an interview from Caracas? on Thursday. «The Constituent Assembly of Venezuela approved a constitutional decree directed against the financial blockade, which also rejects and condemns the support of this blockade by the right-wing... Еще forces, declaring them traitors to the Motherland» Rodriguez also accused US President Donald Trump of fascists sympathies, stating «the US president embodies this [fascist] position, of which you speak, the position of superiority, the ideology based on the colour of the skin.» On relations with the European Union, the politician said «there are ultra-right politicians who have a significant share of influence in the EU, but it will be difficult for them to act, since Europe has long been cooperating with Venezuela in energy, television and food industries, and they do not want to harm themselves.»


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