Venezuela: 'They will not be able to participate' — Maduro bans opposition parties from elections

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro has announced that opposition parties that have boycotted this year's mayoral election will no longer be allowed to vote or run in the 2018 presidential elections during a televised interview on Sunday. “Parties that have not participated and have called for a boycott of the elections cannot participate anymore. That is the criterion that the National... Еще Constituent Assembly has used constitutionally. And I, as head of state of a constituted power, support them. They will not be able to participate. They will disappear from the political map,” Maduro said. The main opposition parties, Justice First, Popular Will and Democratic action, boycotted the vote, claiming the election system was biased and designed to keep Maduro in power. The Venezuelan president cast his vote on a televised broadcast shortly before polling stations opened nationally in the country. Maduro's Socialist Party is expected to win the largest amount of votes in the mayoral elections.

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