Venezuela: «The empire will have no place here» — Caracas residents criticise US sanctions

Caracas residents spoke around the Venezuelan capital's Bolivar Plaza, on Friday, to cast criticisms on the new executive order signed by US President Donald Trump to impose new sanctions on Venezuela. One woman believed that the USA's decision was infringing on Venezuala's sovereignty, and then continued, «Our Venezuela, our resources, we as Venezuelans will continue to administer them. The... Еще empire will have no place here, and will no more be able to put its hands on our natural resources». A man said that, while he was critical of the sanctions, he believed Venezuela would manage through other economic relationships, «These economic measures are not going to discourage us, they are not going to discourage us,» he said, «Why? Because, here there's a nation that wants to work, a nation that is fighting. And although the USA is imposing this sanctions, we do have friendly nations. We do have Russia, we do have China, we do have people who are investing here in Venezuela». White House announced fresh, sweeping, financial sanctions on the oil-rich nation, Friday, leading to an increase in tensions between the two countries. The sanctions prohibit financial institutions from providing new money to the Venezuelan government or to the PDVSA, Venezuela's state oil company. US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin spoke to the press about the executive order, saying it demonstrated «the U.S. government’s condemnation of tyranny and dictatorship in Venezuela.» He went on to say, «Nicolas Maduro has financed his regime by hollowing out Venezuela through economic mismanagement, corruption, and the assumption of onerous debt».

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