Venezuela: Testimony of alleged foiled coup participant involves US and Guaido advisor

Alleged Venezuelan «mercenary» Antonio Sequea gave a testimony on stave TV on Tuesday, involving the US and an advisor to Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido in the recent failed invasion attempt «[Ex-Green Beret Jordan Goudreau] would then get back in touch to inform me that he was meeting up with Juan Guaido in the White House, that he had been reaffirmed once again as a military assessor... Еще for the exit of the regime in Venezuela,» said Sequea, about the director of the security company SilverCorp. «Regarding the citizen Jordan Goudreau, we had continuous communication with him, mornings, afternoons and evenings. He was aware of all the progress, all the procedures, the plans. He would assist us with any news, any situation which would get complicated he would lookout for a solution.» Sequea also said he had regular contact with Ivan Simonovis, Special Commissioner for Security and Intelligence of the interim government of Juan Guaido. «I received a call from an unknown number. A person introduced himself as the commissioner of security and intelligence of the government of Guaido, his name was Ivan Simonovis. He would then ask me that I would report to him any situation, news and the on-course operation regarding Venezuela.» Last Sunday, a maritime incursion into Venezuelan territory with the purported aim of capturing President Nicolas Maduro and flying him to the US was foiled by government forces. Among those detained were at least two US citizens who were acting as 'mercenaries' allegedly in the pay of the US company SilverCorp, according to available reports. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has denied the involvement of his country in this operation. Mandatory Credit: VTV

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