Venezuela: Students demand Armed Forces ‘side with the Venezuelan constitution’

Hundreds of Venezuelan students marched from the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas towards the military fort 'Fuerte Tiuna' on Thursday to demand the Armed Forces «side with the constitution.» Students could be seen chanting, holding banners and signs as they made their ways towards the fort, where security forces belonging to the Bolivarian National Guard were expecting them. One of the... Еще student leaders of the demonstration can also be spotted negotiating with the police, as they tried to reach the fort to hand in their list with demands. «In the petition we request respect for human rights, respect for the university autonomy, and that the Armed Forces side with the Venezuelan constitution,» said one of the protesters. «If they don't let us reach Fuerte Tiuna, we will resist and persist in our attempts. It is not the first time that they limit our right to protest, our right to exercise what the Venezuelan constitution says. That this is never understood as an agreement,» she added. Thursday's march, which took place during the 'University Student Day,' comes after Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim President Juan Guaido urged his supporters to return to the streets as a new wave of protests are sweeping Latin America, including in Bolivia and Chile.

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